Is Snoring Dangerous? Answering the given simple questionnaire will indicate whether you are at risk or not.

Welcome to Sleep Blizz

The 1st Home Sleep Lab of India

SLEEP BLIZZ is supported by experienced and qualified technical staff. Trained Nurses/ Medical technicians who visit patient homes and set up sleep study machines or teach patients to set it up themselves.

There are experienced Medical Technicians at the assessment center who download readings from machines and prepare sleep study reports in consultation with Sleep medicine Doctors. We also have medical counselors who answer queries of patients and guide them to OSA service providers. read more...

Why Home Sleep Test

There are two ways to test for Obstructive Sleep Apnea [OSA] or snoring as popularly called. Either these tests [for OSA or snoring] are conducted in a Hospital [Not all Hospitals have such facilities] or they can take these tests at patients home in their own bed using advanced, yet simple looking machines.

During sleep the following information will get collected from the body. See more...

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