Why Sleepblizz?

SLEEPBLIZZ is India's 1st, process driven, Integrated Home sleep Diagnostic lab.

  • Conducting home sleep tests as per guidelines of AMERICAN ACADEMY OF SLEEP MEDICINE, the foremost authority in its field.
  • High Tech CE [EUROPE] or US FDA approved portable machines used.
  • Technical support from world leaders in sleep diagnostics.
  • Dedicated home sleep study staff and established back office/lab.
  • Backed by well-known senior professionals from Healthcare companies.
  • Well known Hospitals and Senior consultants are current clients.

SLEEP BLIZZ assists the patient at all stages of patient's treatment.

  • Educating and counseling on snoring/OSA 
  • Conducting sleep lab tests for snoring/OSA at home 
  • Assessing and preparing sleep test results/reports 
  • Fixing appointment with Sleep medicine Doctor 
  • Liaising with CPAP/BIPAP providers 
  • Conducting CPAP titration tests 

It is important to note that all medical treatments are carried out by a qualified Sleep Medicine Doctors. SLEEP BLIZZ is a Diagnostic service supporter to Sleep Medicine Consultants, Cardiologists, Diabetologists, General Physicians, ENT specialists and Anesthetists treating all patients with suspected or confirmed OSA or snoring problems.
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