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Is Snoring Dangerous? Answering the given simple questionnaire will indicate whether you are at risk or not.

Welcome to Sleep Blizz

The 1st Home Sleep Lab of India

SLEEP BLIZZ is India's First and No.1 Sleep Diagnostic Lab specializing in diagnosing various sleep related disorders. We make use of the latest and most advanced portable wearable diagnostic devices accredited by American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

The field of sleep medicine crosses the boundaries of number of medical specialities and disciplines; hence we maintain a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosing and treating sleep disorders.read more...

Why Home Sleep Test

There are two ways to test for Obstructive Sleep Apnea [OSA] or snoring as popularly called. Either these tests [for OSA or snoring] are conducted in a Hospital [Not all Hospitals have such facilities] or they can take these tests at patients home in their own bed using advanced, yet simple looking machines.

During sleep the following information will get collected from the body. See more...

SleepBlizz in Numbers


  • "They saved my marriage! My snoring was so disturbing that we had lot of relationship issues. Our consular recommended SleepBlizz. They fixed our appointment and got the sleep study done within 2 days we got the report and treatment stated within the 3rd day. A big Thank you to SleepBlizz."

    - Arif MD
    Businessman – Textile Business
  • “At the age of 72, I really didn't like the idea of having to spend the night in a strange place to have a sleep study. Luckily my doctor told me I was able to have my test done at home. It was really a life saver, he recommended me to get in touch with SleepBlizz. The people at SleepBlizz came home to do the home sleep test. The test was pretty much like a normal night at home except I had a few extra things to wear. It was nothing compared to all the wires and gear I had seen in a laboratory test. In the morning they came to collect the device, and my report was made available at my home after two days. ”

    - Paul Thomas
    Retired - College Professor
  • “My wife was really concerned about my snoring. She said I would stop breathing during sleep and start coughing and choking before I began breathing again. She encouraged me to talk to sleep specialist at SleepBlizz.  I honestly was having zero hopes of solving this snoring issue. The clinical team at SleepBlizz recommended me to go through sleep study test at Home. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and began treatment that I realized that I had forgotten what a good night's sleep was supposed to feel like. SleepBlizz changed my life. Thank you SleepBlizz”

    – Anil KM
    Officer – Central Government
  • “I am so glad and happy I finally had a home sleep test. I was feeling tired all the time, and it was really starting to affect my work and personal life. I was snoring loudly and having headaches in the morning. After a little research online, I came across SleepBlizz Website, I learned about all the health risks of having untreated sleep apnea and decided to have something done about it. The staff at SleepBlizz scheduled my sleep study test at my house. With 2 days I got my report , they then scheduled my doctor appoint and I was advised treatment. My only regret is not having a home sleep test done sooner. I'm sleeping great, I feel awake during the day, and my job and family life are reaping the benefits from it. I have never felt better.”

    - Shivshanker Kumar
    Marketing Manager – FMCG Company
  • “The staff at SleepBlizz were amazing. When I came in during the late evening, they gave me my home sleep device for the night and did a great job showing me how to use it. After my diagnosis was positive for sleep apnea, they helped me pick out a device and mask that actually felt comfortable enough to sleep with every night. They even called me after a few weeks to see how I was adjusting to my therapy. It's really refreshing to have health professionals that actually care about their patients after they walk out of the door.”

    –Tina JR
    Software Engineer - Leading IT Company