Benefits of Home Sleep Tests

Benefits of home sleep tests are greater because most patients act under crisis of medical emergency. Since SNORING/OSA is not a medical emergency situation; patients are likely to ignore advice given by Physicians or postpone the decision of sleep study to be conducted in Hospital PSG lab for variety of reasons.

  • Sleep studies in Hospitals cost Rs.20, 000/ which may not be covered under medical insurance.
  • Sleep study in Hospital mean spending one night and probably one full day, taking leave.
  • Long waiting list for getting sleep study done in hospitals.
  • Hospital admission frightens patients and his immediate relatives.
  • Concern about confidentiality

Under these conditions, Home sleep study is a far simpler, friendlier and cheaper option and Benefits of home sleep tests are greater.

  • Home sleep study is a Type- 3 level study accepted by American Academy of Sleep Medicine which will conclusively prove whether the patient has OSA or not.
  • It will be rather economical for an Indian patient who is not covered under medical claims.
  • It can be done within a day or two- faster, simpler, cheaper and friendlier
  • It is done in the comfort of patients’ home, right in his bed without disturbing his schedule.
  • If results are positive, the Sleep Medicine Doctor could be consulted for further action.

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Are Home Sleep Tests Good Enough?

As per guidelines issued by AMERICAN ACADEMY OF SLEEP MEDICINE, Home sleep tests must cover the following, which are classified as TYPE-3 SLEEP LAB TESTS, conducted without an attendant being present. These are sufficient for diagnosing OSA in patients with high accuracy and are recommended by all leading authorities in its field.

  • Heart rate
  • Blood oxygen level
  • Snoring
  • Body position
  • Body movement.
  • Breathing airflow-Breathing effort.

“Multiple randomized trials have showed that sleep Apnea testing worked just well as in sleep studies at diagnosing Obstructive Sleep Apnea in people with moderate to high pretest probability for OSA.” Thought leaders have advised practicing sleep Physicians to embrace Home sleep apnea testing, become center of excellence for management of OSA”[]

Benefits of home sleep tests