CPAP Machine for Rent in Bangalore

CPAP Machine for Rent in Bangalore – Buy CPAP for rent or sale

Sleep Blizz is one of the best diagnostic labs and we provide CPAP Machines for rent in Bangalore for our patients. We have different brands of CPAP, each machine differs from features and prices. CPAP helps in treating the patients who are suffering from breathing problem, this CPAP for rent in Bangalore helps the patients who are suffering from OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea).

Features of CPAP Machine for Rent in Bangalore:

This CPAP Machine will increase the air pressure in the throat, such that your airways will not collapse when you are breathing. We provide CPAP Machine for Rent in and around Bangalore, Karnataka. By using this CPAP machine patient’s partner to have peaceful sleep. CPAP Machine can be used every night while sleeping.

CPAP Machine for Rent in Bangalore is available both in auto and manual modes.

Cpap Machine for Rent in Bangalore

CPAP Machine for Rent in Bangalore will moderately blow the air that is pressurized, through the patients airways at a steady pressure in such a way that it will keep the throat from collapsing and this machine for sleep apnea are very easy to use as it is very basics and it is composed of three parts and they are:

CPAP Mask: these masks come in different shapes and sizes as every individual has a different shape of his face and it has to suit them and it will be comfortable to use.  These masks are of three types and it varies in selections and you can get the right mask for your personal level comfort as it is most important part of CPAP compliance and they are:

  • There are few masks that will cover both nose and mouth and it is called as Full Mask.
  • There are other types of masks that will cover the only nose that is also known as nasal continuous positive airway pressure (NCPAP), this is the most commonly used mask.
  • Another type of mask is that fits into the nose and it is known as Nasal Masks.

CPAP Hoses: This machine will just deliver the device that will transport the pressurized air from the motor to the patient or wearers mask.

CPAP Motors: This machine is basically a small compressor that pulls in the air at room temperature and slightly pressurized it to give the exact amount of air pressure that a patient requires to clear their obstruction.

Our products are hygienically finished, highly efficient, compact design, and precision engineering. Our products are designed with push button such that it will be easy to use. To make sure the quality of the procured products, we do a detail, strict test of the whole product range. With our experience allows us to do the best understanding the challenges of Indian health care from top to bottom. With our best expertise and knowledge, we provide you the best advantage for healthy life

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Cpap machine for rent in bangalore