Resmart G1 Auto CPAP

Product Description:

  • Pressure Range: 4-30 cmH2O
  • Work Mode: CPAP , Auto CPAP , Titrate
  • Dimensions: 313 * 194 * 112 mm
  • Automatic work mode can track patient’s respiratory condition  automatically , and sensitively change airway pressure to fit patient’s need.
  • Compliance Data is encoded by iCode and it is easy to be transferred by smart phone iCode APP.      
  • You can search and download it from Google play and APP store easily and conveniently.   
  • Auto On: The device automatically initiates therapy when you begin breathing on the device.
  • Auto Off: The device automatically discontinues therapy whenever the mask is removed.  
  • Alert Alarm: An audible alert will sound if the device is accidentally disconnected from power when it is delivering air. No alert message on the screen during a power failure.     
  • Heated Humidifier: DC 24V powered and infrared controlled humidifier make user safe and comfortable. Patented anti-countercurrent water tank.      
  • Titrate Exact Range: A therapy that delivers CPAP therapy while automatically adjusting the pressure level to meet the patient’s needs.         
  • Reslex: Automatically reduce the treatment pressure when patient exhales, more comfortable.             
  • Delay off: This will blow off the vapor left in the humidifier to avoid any damage to the device.           
  • Altitude Compensate: Depending on the location of the region to choose a different setting, the machine will make the pressure compensation accordingly and automatically.       


Mode  CPAP,AUTO,Titrate
Treat P  Treat P is the lowest pressure device deliver for OSA
Max APAP  Max P is the largest pressure being set under Auto mode
Ramp  Pressure being delivered while patients are awake
Init P  Initial treatment pressure when the machine is running
Sensitivity  Five levels for pressure rise due to collapse of upper airway

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Product Models Available:  Resmart G1 Auto CPAP and Resmart G2 Auto CPAP