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Get Home Sleep Test in Bangalore - Home Sleep test or study helps you in identifying Sleep Apnea and Sleep Disorders, we at SleepBlizz are expert in home sleep test in Bangalore and are preferred partner in major hospitals of Bangalore There are two ways to test for Obstructive Sleep Apnea [OSA] or snoring as popularly called. Either these tests [for OSA or snoring] are conducted in a Hospital [Not all Hospitals have such facilities] or they can take these tests at patients home in their own bed using advanced i.e. Home Sleep Tests, yet simple looking machines.

and also Breathing effort etc. These machines containing such complex medical history of the patient for the night is sent to SLEEP DIAGNOSTIC LAB CENTER for study and assessment.

Hospital Sleep Lab Tests

Such tests are conducted in Hospital's Sleep lab during night under monitoring of a Medical Technician. For HOSPITAL sleep lab tests patient has to take an appointment, wait for the "turn" and get admitted in the Hospital for one night and may have to spend part of a day too.

Comparison between Hospital Sleep Lab Test and Home Sleep Lab Test

Hospital based sleep lab tests are advanced and are most appropriate as a second line of diagnostic tests. Such tests are advised by Sleep medicine Doctors, Neurologists, Pulmonologists etc before taking advanced medical interventions. For conducting these tests, prior appointments have to be taken which may vary few days to few weeks for Hospital admission. Considering the Hospital setting, time taken may go up to one night plus one day. Hospital sleep lab tests may cost Rs 20,000/depending on type of tests and Hospital room costs. Consultation and travel costs will be extra. And, in most cases, the patient has to take 1-2 days off from work.

In comparison, Home sleep lab tests are economical [Fixed fees Rs. 5,850/*] and are conducted with short notice and at home. The results will give various parameters like snoring frequency, effects of snore on the patient etc. The results of Home sleep tests will give definite result as to whether the patient is suffering from OSA [Obstructive Sleep Apnea] or not. For almost 95% of the Patients, Home sleep tests are sufficient. After seeing the test results, the Sleep Medicine Doctor can take a decision as to whether further tests are required or not.

Considering such advantages home sleep tests are the fastest growing and most popular Sleep Lab tests in the world.