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SLEEPBLIZZ is India's 1st, process driven, Integrated Home sleep Diagnostic lab.

Why Sleep Blizz ? SleepBlizz understands your need for giving the Best service to patients. As a result, we’ve developed services that fit those needs perfectly.

As a provider for “Home Sleep Test”, we will be been able to support you to identify and diagnose patients with sleep Apnea and provide with quick accurate results at most affordable cost. With us, your patients will experience a service that is unmatched. A Provider You Can Trust

SleepBlizz understands that if patients have the proper education, training, and support, they are much more likely to adhere to the therapy you prescribe. That is why we focus on providing a superior support network that is beyond compare

At SleepBlizz we take a holistic approach to caring for your patients. From using the best diagnosing equipment’s accredited by American Acadamy of Sleep Medicine to providing the best equipment and supplies in the industry to ensuring compliance and through years of therapy experience, we will do our very best to make sure the experience for your patients’ is gratifying and rewarding.

SLEEP BLIZZ assists the patient at all stages of patient's treatment.

  • Educating and counseling on snoring/OSA 
  • Conducting sleep lab tests for snoring/OSA at home 
  • Assessing and preparing sleep test results/reports 
  • Fixing appointment with Sleep medicine Doctor 
  • Liaising with CPAP/BIPAP providers 
  • Conducting CPAP titration tests 

  • Conducting home sleep tests as per guidelines of AMERICAN ACADEMY OF SLEEP MEDICINE, the foremost authority in its field.
  • High Tech CE [EUROPE] or US FDA approved portable machines used.
  • Technical support from world leaders in sleep diagnostics.
  • Dedicated home sleep study staff and established back office/lab.
  • Backed by well-known senior professionals from Healthcare companies.
  • Well known Hospitals and Senior consultants are current clients.

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